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Traditional food in M谩laga

馃槣Chiringuitos are traditional bars located along the beach. There are made of wood or stone. In the chiringuito there are cooks and they prepare plates with a  lot of seafood or fish, but the most important are the sardines.

They create "espetos", that are sardines with salt.
Resultado de imagen de marinos paco fuengirolaResultado de imagen de marinos paco fuengirola

Food in M谩laga
馃槏In M谩laga there are so many different local dishes, that's why tourists are attracted to eat in this area. For example: paella that is made with rice, prawns, mussels, "migas", that are made of breadcrumbs, black pudding and savoury sausage. It's usually eaten in Malaga when it is a rainy day.
These dishes and many more are very delicious.

Come to Malaga and try them!!!!!

Restaurants in M谩laga

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THE FOOTBALL IS A FANTASTIC SPORT in which the game is played in teams.

Football or soccer is a team sport played between two sets of eleven players each and some referees that
ensure that the rules are correctly followed.
It is widely considered the most popular sport in the world, as practiced by some 270 million people.
Resultado de imagen de FUTBOL

Football involve: varying degrees, kicking a ball with the foot and scoring a goal.
Unqualified, the word football is understood to refer to whichever form of football
is the most popular in the regional context in which the word appears. Sports commonly called
'football' in certain places include: association football (known as soccer in some countries);
gridiron football Australian rules football; rugby football (either rugby league or rugby union);
and Gaelic football These different variations of football are known as football codes.

Plaza La Merced

The Plaza de la Merced is a square located a neighborhood in M谩laga.It is one of the main squares in the city center, where events and festivals take place as usual. In the square, there are some intesting places to visit, as the following ones: the birthplace of Picasso, the home of the Picasso Foundation, Casa Natal Museum.

The place was built in 1842.

I think that "Plaza de la Merced" is a beautiful place to go and relax.

Resultado de imagen de plaza de la merced


It was built in the emperor Caesar s.I.a.C and was used until s.III.
The address is: Alcazabilla numer 8. At the city center of M谩laga.
It has a proescenium (stage,) there was  a place reserved for the senators. Nowadays, it
is an interesting point because there are performances.

The route is free and lasts an hour and half.

In my opinion the roman theatre is one of the best monuments of M谩laga. It is a
magnificient remain of the cultural heritage.


FOOTBALL IS A FANTASTIC SPORT in which you play  in teams.

Football is a team sport, played between two teams of eleven players each.
It is widely considered the most popular sport in the world.

Resultado de imagen de FUTBOL

Gibralfaro Castle Mal谩ga

The Gibralfaro castle is a Arabian ancient fortress that was destroyed over time.
One of the most interesting points due to its beautiful views.

People felt safe because the fortress could protect them and offered them a strategical view.

Resultado de imagen de castillo del gibralfaro vistas

I think Gibralfaro Castle is a beutiful place to visit.

La Manquita


Its full name is Nuestra Se帽ora de la Encarnaci贸n, although for the people of
M谩laga it is "the Cathedral". In all the cities, a cathedral is always something
important. However, in Malaga much more, because it is not only a religious
building, but also is it a reference.                                    
The building is one of the best examples of Spanish religious art.

Picasso`s house

Picasso`s house, also known as the Pablo Ruiz Picasso's house, is a foundation in Malaga. Its main
objective is to make the work of the artist Pablo Picasso well kwnown.


Types of dances

There are many different  types of dances. There are some examples:-Ballet,Hip-Hop Funky,Modern Dance,Salsa,Tango…
There are many more but let's start with the basic ones.

First of all, dance means that people move according to a musical rhythm. They may be alone, form a couple or a group. The dance may be an informal play, a part of a ritual, or a part of a professional performance.

One of the most famous dances in Malaga is Flamenco  (Flamenco Malague帽o).
Flamenco is a traditional dance in Malaga. It was created at  the beginning of the XIX century.

There are many singers, guitar players and dancers, such as:- a singer-ANTONIO DE CANILLAS a dancer-GEMA GARC脡S y a Guitarist-CURRO DE MAR脥A.

But in Malaga we also have dance a dance school, like "Fama".

Teatro Cervantes

The theater was built in 1869 after the fire of the Prince Alfonso Theater. After this, a new theater under the direction of the architect Ger贸nimo Cuervo, which was inaugurated in 1870 and started to be called Teatro Cervantes. It was a success.

I like the CERVANTES THEATRE because it's very beautiful.

The Alcazaba of M谩laga.

The Alcazaba of M谩laga.

The Alcazaba is a fortress-palace. Its name in Arabic means citadel, and it’s
a historic monument of Malaga or it takes part of the Spanish cultural heritage.
It’s located in the center of M谩laga, next to the Roman Theater, and at the foot
of Gibralfaro.
The Alcazaba, dated back from 1057 to 1063. It is a great combination of
beauty and history.
The points of interest are: Torre del Homenaje, the dungeons, the small pools
where they prepared the Garum and the exhibition with important
archaeological samples.
It’s visited by tourists from different countries, as well as the local visitors.
It’s very interesting to visit it.

I like the "Alcazaba" because it's a fortress like the ones that appear in the medieval
It's a place in which, we can see the wonderful views of the whole city.
Moreover, I like qncient places a lot.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

He was born on the 25th of October 1881 in M谩laga.
He died on the 8th of April 1973 in France.
He was a Spanish painter, sculptor, engraver,  
ceramicist, stage designer and poet.
His wives were Jacqueline Roque and Olga Khokhlova.
His sisters were  Lola Picasso and Conchita Picasso.
His  kids were Paloma Picasso, Claude Picasso, Paulo Ruiz
Picasso and Maya Widmaier-Picasso.
The painting ''Women of Algiers'' set a new world record
for the most expensive artwork to be sold at an auction in New York,
it reached $179m (£115m).

Resultado de imagen de pablo ruiz picasso

Monuments and buildings ( Rusian Museum )

Resultado de imagen de Russian Museum en m谩lagaFor the city of M谩laga and for the travelers who visits the city it is a real privilege to have the first Pompidou Museum that exists outside the French borders.

The visit to this museum will not leave you indifferent under any circumstances since living the message of many of the works of this center of contemporary art is in itself an experience that is worth living.

Disciplines such as photography, architecture, sculpture, painting, design, sound, video, etc., play very important roles when it comes to dropping in reflection all the visitors who cross the doors of such an unparalleled museum.

Located in what is known as "Cubo de M谩laga", in it you will find works by the aforementioned Picasso, as well as other artists such as Francis Bacon, Giacometti, Magritte, Brancusi, De Chirico, Frida Khalo, Chagall and Kandinsky.

Food in MALAGA

Traditional food in M谩laga
Resultado de imagen de espetos

,Resultado de imagen de paella malague帽a
Spanish omelette (potatoe omelette)
Resultado de imagen de tortilla espa帽ola
Typical Foods from Malaga: Gazpachuelo Malague帽o

"Plato de los Montes"
Resultado de imagen de plato de los montes
"Boquerones en vinagre"
Resultado de imagen de boquerones en vinagre
"Migas y gachas"
Imagen relacionada

Prawns: "Gambas al pil-pil"

"Porra Antequerana"

Typical Dishes of Malaga: Porra Antequerana

Traditional desserts in M谩laga

Resultado de imagen de torrijas
"Torta malague帽a"
Resultado de imagen de torta malague帽a

"Roscos de huevo"
"Roscos de vino"
"Leche frita"

Typical restaurants in M谩laga

"El pimpi"

"Los Mellizos"
"El Tintero"
Casa Aranda
"Tejeringos Caf茅"