miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

The Alcazaba of Málaga.

The Alcazaba of Málaga.

The Alcazaba is a fortress-palace. Its name in Arabic means citadel, and it’s
a historic monument of Malaga or it takes part of the Spanish cultural heritage.
It’s located in the center of Málaga, next to the Roman Theater, and at the foot
of Gibralfaro.
The Alcazaba, dated back from 1057 to 1063. It is a great combination of
beauty and history.
The points of interest are: Torre del Homenaje, the dungeons, the small pools
where they prepared the Garum and the exhibition with important
archaeological samples.
It’s visited by tourists from different countries, as well as the local visitors.
It’s very interesting to visit it.

I like the "Alcazaba" because it's a fortress like the ones that appear in the medieval
It's a place in which, we can see the wonderful views of the whole city.
Moreover, I like qncient places a lot.

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